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  • Abhishek

    Dear Sir

    I would appreciate if you kindly guide me regarding Indian Real Estate scenario. I already read your article on India and firmly believe that reality sector is going to get hit very hard. I am currently based in UAE Abu Dhabi and would like to know when is the right time to make an investment in real estate. Is post 2015 good period to invest.



    • wallstreetfool

      YES. Post 2015 COULD be a good period to invest in Indian Real-Estate. Again, it all depends on the Bubble Bursting. The longer it takes, the longer you’ll have to wait.

  • Rakesh Bedi

    Hi WSF, I have been trading on a stock called Splunk(SPLK). Need guidance on should I hold or sell. I got in when it was around 49.

    • wallstreetfool

      SPLK looks pretty Bearish to me. I recommend you sell and exit the position ASAP.